Small Business Still Going Strong 44 Years Later

Description: Who knew antique cast iron beds were so popular? Just ask Helena Cronshaw, a small business owner in Mount Albert. Helena has continued her late husband Victor Cronshaw’s legacy and love of antique cast iron and brass beds. From the time Mr. Cronshaw restored his first cast iron bed in the early 1970s, he fell in love with the antiques trade and operated several stores and restored antique cast iron beds until his death in the Fall of 2014. Cast iron and brass beds have endured over 100 years. People today appreciate the nostalgia and memories that these older beds hold. Nearly 45 years ago Victor (and then wife Janet) opened an antique store. They scoped out auctions to build their collection of beds. Victor was well known in the industry and had many repeat customers over the years. With the popularity of the internet, Victor realized the potential of selling his iron beds online, doing so exclusively from 2000. With his former customers in mind, he also made sure his showroom was available for customers to experience the beds in person. Helena worked with Victor with his business soon after they married in 2011 and her love for the antique beds grew and changed her life in ways she never could have predicted. The process of preparing a bed so it’s “ready to go to its new home” isn’t easy especially when you consider how heavy these beds are. It is difficult to find beds especially those that can be ‘stretched’ into popular queen and king sizes; the old lead paint is professionally sandblasted off then coated with a baked on powder and comes out looking brand new; and Helena then dresses and photographs the beds and posts them online. Helena is busier than ever with the business since she is doing most of it on her own. It is an unpredictable market with peaks and valleys. Bed deliveries are the perfect opportunity to see many beautiful small towns across Ontario, Quebec and New York. Beds are also shipped across Canada and the States. Sometimes Helena reflects on the business, smiling fondly, knowing that Victor would get a kick out of her efforts to keep his legacy alive. The satisfaction of seeing a customer so thrilled with their new bed makes it all worthwhile.

Start Time: August 20th, 2019 at 12:00am
End Time: August 20th, 2019 at 8:00pm
Location: Tuesday Night Live at the Barry Zukerman Amphitheatre in Earl Bales Park
Address: 4169 Bathurst Street

City: North York
Province: ON
Postal Code: M3H 3P7

Small Business Still Going Strong 44 Years Later - The showroom The showroom Small Business Still Going Strong 44 Years Later